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August 21, 2005

Been a long, long time...

Wow, how time flies. The boys are doing really well. They've been healthy and growing very fast. They are happy (most of the time) and a joy to be around. Tiring and exhausting to take care of, but a joy.

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The big news is that Caleb and Jake are now walking! Its been about 2 weeks for Jake and maybe 3 for Caleb. They are still very wobbly and are clearly now toddlers as they choose to walk almost everywhere they go. I'll be adding some video of the boys in the next couple of days.

We have been going to a local playground with the boys lately. They really like slides and crawling/walking around the structure, watching other kids play, and of course, eating sand, rocks and dirt.

Transportation has been a theme for the last couple of months. We bought the boys small tricycles which have push/control bars attached to the back so we can push and steer the boys. They like them very much but their legs are still too short to reach the peddles on their own.

We also bought a carrier for towing the boys behind a bicycle. I have taken them for four or five rides in the last month - from around the block to 5 miles or so. There are a lot of hills on Bainbridge, and I'm not biker I used to be, so I try to stick close to home. Now that the boys walk, though, more destinations are available to us - like the beach.

We took the boys to Leschi, a Seattle neighborhood on Lake Washington, to see the Blue Angels perform. They boys didn't mind the noise and seemed to understand that something with cool airplanes was taking place. We just happened to be at the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field when the Blue Angels arrived for their week long stay.

We visited our little airplane that day and let the boys sit in the front seats. They giggled and squealed playing with the yokes.

They boys can now ride in a shopping cart at Safeway that looks like a car and has two steering wheels at the front. The boys sit side by side and it looks like they are driving the cart. They love it and the size is perfect.

Today, Diana and I took the boys to Bremerton airport to meet our friend Matt and the airplane. We put the boy's car seats in the plane and they fit perfectly. So we loaded the boys into the plane and as Matt taxied us I tried to keep the boys hearing protection on. They were very calm as we taxied so we decided to do a take-off and landing. While we were circling the field the boys looked out the windows, pointed and looked around. They didn't keep their hearing protection on, though. Matt brought the plane in for a smooth and gentle landing and we taxied back to ramp. It was a very low-key and successful introduction of flight for the boys.

We have decided to enroll the boys at a local toddler program 3 days a week. They'll most likely begin in November (they'll be 18 months then) but it may be sooner depending on their walking and listening skills. We're looking forward to getting some large blocks of free time and still spending a lot of time together with the boys. We hope they are ready for a little more day-to-day socialization, too, and will enjoy the new routine.

We've changed the nap routing for the boys and consolidated the morning and afternoon naps into one early afternoon nap just after lunch. They have been doing this for about 2 weeks now and so far it seems to be a success. They nap for 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

The boys are sleeping through the nights now, too! Diana stopped breast feeding at the end of 12 months and it wasn't long until the boys would have full nights of sleep. We're putting them to b/t 6 and 7 pm and they sleep till 6:30 or 7 am.

Our dog Casey, though, is not so good. She is almost 16 years old and suffering from kidney disease and high-blood pressure. She had a period during the middle of June when she was admitted for three nights to an animal hospital but never determined what was wrong. She has recovered and plataued at a level of activity which is pretty good for an old-girl her age: good appetite, walks well, sleeps well, not in pain. But, she has to pee a lot because of the kidney damage. She's a great dog and she will be sorely missed by me and Diana when her time is over.

In July, we vacationed in Black Butte Oregon with Diana's Sister's family. It was hot and sunny every day. The first night Caleb woke up at 12:30 am screaming and screamed for 4 or 5 hours. But other than that, they slept through the night most nights and took two naps a day. Diana and I we're able to go out to dinner by ourselves, twice, thanks to Tony and Danielle who stayed home to baby sit all the sleeping children.

We have some great help with the boys during the last month. A young woman named Jenni has been coming over Tuesday mornings and watching the boys for 5 or 6 hours. Diana and I have used the time to run errands, go out to breakfast, I had a flying lesson, etc. The boys like Jenni very much.

We've also found a young woman named Windy who, unfortunately, is leaving the area in September. She watched the boys last Thursday for 6 hours and gave us a chance to do some work and get other tasks accomplished.

Diana and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary on the 6th of August by getting a baby-sitter and going out to dinner. This was our first night-time soirée out of the house at the same time since the boys were born! The boys slept through the whole night and we had a great time going out.

We were able to go out again last Friday to celebrate Diana's birthday. We met friends at an excellent restaurant in Seattle. It was very easy to walk on the ferry and walk to dinner.

We've been living on Bainbridge Island for more than a year now and enjoying it very much. It is very beautiful and we've enjoyed meeting a lot of people here. The island is pretty small and you tend to run into people when you are out and about. We've enjoyed an outdoor music series on Wednesday nights a lot.

Time to sign-off for now - more later:


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