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June 1, 2005

One Year!

The boys are one year old!! Woazza! What a year!!

It is hard to believe a year has passed. The boys have grown so much and it's hard to remember what they looked like when they were born.

Diana put together a great 1st birthday party for them. You can see pictures in the May album here: http://thebenjs.com/gallery/albums.php

The boys had their 12 month check-ups yesterday. Jake's weight is a little light so we're supposed to add more calories to his diet. He has a slight rash on his back and shoulder to which we have been applying cortisone cream.

Our luck of no sickenesses had an abrupt ending. I got the flu at the beginning of May. A week later Diana got sick, and the boys followed within days. I'll speak for the whole family and say that none of us are feeling 100% yet.

Both the boys are crawling and up on all-fours a lot of the time. Jake likes to stick his rear way up in the air and look between his legs. Caleb can now climb our stairs!

We converted our living room into a playroom. We bought and installed gates for the doorways, added a padded mat for the floor, and filled the room with their toys. Its been very useful for keeping the kids occupied and safe while you get something done.

The received some ride-on toys for their birthday. It is a blast to see your kid sit on one for the first time. Big grins and giggles!! My favorite is the Rocking Eggplant


Don't miss the pictures in the gallery.

Just yesterday, for the first time ever, Diana and I left the boys with someone else and went out together sans children. We took about 6 hours and went to a wedding for good friends and really, really enjoyed ourselves. Yahoo!

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