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November 19, 2004

5 1/2 Month Update

Img_3595_nored_1Thanksgiving is approaching quickly and fall has settled in.  The big Maple tree has lost all of its leaves and the days are getting very short.   Caleb and Jake are doing really well.  You can see in this picture that they are getting big quickly!  Caleb is on the left and Jake is on the right. 

There are new pictures from the first-half of November here.

We've settled into a nice routine of morning naps, mid-day outings and afternoon naps with bed time is between 6 and 7 pm.  Typically, the boys will sleep till 1 am when Diana feeds them, then they'll sleep till 5:30 am for another feeding.  At 8 am we start the day to do it all over again.  If we get to bed around 10 pm (rarely) we get a chance to get a good nights sleeps. 

Just as we're able to start to count on the boys sleeping more during the night, It's ironic that our dog Casey has started getting up two or three a times a night to go outside. If we don't get to her in time she finds a nice spot on the carpet or floor.   Oh well - laugh or cry, but don't sleep!

We continuing to experiment with solid foods.  Caleb has now tried bananas, sweet potato's and carrots.  Jake is still getting used to rice cereal.  We've been reading oodles of books and listening to different music. They giggle and laugh and they like to watch Dad dance around the room.

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November 4, 2004

Some Halloween pictures and video

We went on a 'pumpkin walk' with friends. Here is a video of Jake and Diana. Look for more pictures soon.

Download jake_at_pumpkin_walk.mov

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Caleb, Do you like your bananas?

We've started to give the boys solid foods. Here is a video of Caleb tasting his first bananas.
Download caleb_did_you_like_your_bananas.mov

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