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September 21, 2004

16 weeks


This sunday marked 16 weeks since the boys were born. We've been very tired this last week. Lack of sleep is starting to catch-up to us and take its toll. Jake had some cogestion from a cold this week and it made it difficult to sleep. On Saturday night we had him sleep sitting up in a swing and he slept for 5 hours before waking, which was a great improvement over the 30 minutes of sleep he was getting the night(s) before.

On Sunday night, Jake awoke at 9'ish, nursed and then slept till 5:30 - the longest he has ever slept in one strech. Last night, Monday, Caleb slept really well as well, only waking once and quickly going back to sleep after nursing.

Today, Diana and I tried to start putting a better routine in effect for napping during the day. It took 1.5 hours of nursing and calming before they both fell asleep but then they slept for 2.5 hours, awaking at 4:30 this afternoon. We'll try again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. The goal is to have them napping twice during the day and helping them get used to falling asleep on their own during the day and during the night.

On Sunday we took a long drive "around" the Hood Canal. We took a detour to see Lake Cushman where we found this awesome view:


I've put more pictures in a new photo album - Click here to lake a look.

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September 17, 2004

a long, long night

7:55 am :: Ey! Ey! Ey! Last night was very long. The boys went to bed at 7:30, as usual, but Caleb woke up again at 11:00. Then again at 1:00 am, and Jake at 2:00. And Caleb at 3:30 am. And Jake at 4:00 am. And Caleb at 5:00 am. And, again at 7:00 am. There is now no more hope that we'll be able to crawl back into bed for another 30 seconds of sleep. Our day has begun.

Our best guess for why the many awakenings is that the boys are gassy. A diaper change at 4:30 revealed wet, but not soiled, diapers and we could hear lots of tooting from each of them.

Diana is going to try eliminating milk from her diet to see if that makes a difference. That is going to be very hard on her. But, we're out of answers at this point, and tired as hell, so anything sounds like it is worth trying.

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September 13, 2004

Are those twins?

With Diana's Mom here we ventured to Port Gamble and Port Townsend for sightseeing and lunch. The weather was much better (warmer) than we had expected. We have been using the new twin stroller with much better results than the first couple of tries. At first, Caleb would only cry in the stroller but on this trip he enjoyed the motion and even slept a little. Port Gamble is a small tourist focused town that has a farmers market and antiques fair on saturdays and sundays.

Laree and Diana:

Diana and Caleb:


After Port Gamble we drove on to Port Townsend to eat at a mexican restaurant we like ( El Sarape Mexican Restaurant. 630 Water Street). When we arrived in Port Townsend we discovered that the annual Wooden Boat Festival was going on, along with a art and crafts fair.

We strolled the fair a little before going to the restaraunt. We were very worried that the boys were going to starting screaming and crying in the middle of the restaraunt but we had a great meal and the boys were perfect angels. Caleb slept and Jake just sat quietly looking at his Mom and his Grandmother. It was very nice.

Today, Monday Sept 13th, we walked onto the ferry and went into Seattle. John was able to get some work done at a client's location while Diana, her Mom and the boys explored Pioneer Square and the Pike Street Market. The new stroller worked well again - but even though it is the same width as a wheel chair it is impossible to get into and out of places. Very frustrating, really.

When we are out with the boys there are so many people who stop her to ask about the boys. It makes us feel uncomfortable with all the attention. Diana said that today, at Pikes St Market, peope were taking pictures of the twins in front on the famous flying fish counter - not pictures of the fish - but pictures of some strange twins. I think they are cute, of course - but I am suprised that others really think the boys are worth taking pictures of. Flattering, I guess - but weird.

And lastly, Caleb and Jake were 15 weeks old yesterday!

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September 12, 2004

Keeping up with the garden

Diana and I got a little yard work done the other day.


Caleb wasn't too happy when his hat went over his eyes:

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September 11, 2004

Grandma Van Treeck comes to visit

Diana's Mom is visitng from Boise for a few days and getting to know the boys. Jake and Caleb have been showing her the ropes with their typical behavior - Jake is gassy and Caleb is cranky :) When we went to our twins club meeting she took care of the boys.Img_2988_7

after the meeting we drove to Poulsbo and had a picnic lunch of Subway sandwiches at the Liberty Park marina. My highlight for the day was an hour-long nap!

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September 6, 2004

14 weeks


Caleb and Jake were 14 weeks old yesterday.

This week has been hard because both of the boys have colds. Caleb is on antibiotics because some bacteria was found in a urine culture. They both have been running low grade fevers (100.9 is the highest we've seen). Childrens Tylenol has seemed to help them be more comfortable.

Saturday night was one of the longest on record. I don't think Diana got any sleep until about 4:30 am and then only for an hour or so. Both the boys were unable to fal asleep and were only comforted by nursing. On Sunday evening the fevers were gone.

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